Through solid industry expertise, collaboration, and steady support, we take the technically-tricky out of WordPress & Shopify so your dream site can come to life.

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  • Lindsay Pruitt

    Owner & Lead Developer

    As a Pacific Northwest native currently living abroad in Germany, Lindsay handles client outreach, marketing, and daily business operations. Lindsay is a master WordPress developer who possesses the skills and knowledge to confidently lead her team while helping clients navigate the ever-changing world of WordPress.

  • Samantha McGuire

    WordPress Developer & Support Tech

    While living in beautiful Alberta, Canada, Sam works as our expert WordPress developer thoughtfully guiding clients and designers from file delivery to site launch. Sam meticulously crafts custom themes with a fine-tooth comb and wins the quickest email response award for her incredible customer support.

  • Kate Busby

    Shopify Developer & Support Tech

    Kate specializes in Shopify development and is passionate about creating ecommerce sites that are both intuitive to use and visually stunning. She empowers store owners to run their businesses with ease and agility. This former Chicagoan now lives in Lisbon, Portugal and codes from anywhere with strong wi-fi and stronger espresso.

We're Known For

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    From start to finish, we nail your dream site without wasting time or billing you for blurry goalposts.

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    We’re completely honest about costs, timelines, technical snags and design differences. We know that clear communication and a truly shared goal are essential to a smooth project.

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    Communication is an absolute cornerstone with us. We’re clear and quick to respond so none of our clients walk away with those all-too-common horror stories.

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    We approach our work and our client relationships with positive momentum and genuine encouragement. We’re in this together!

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